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How to Choose the Perfect Towel

Absorb this: The perfect towel is both functional and fashionable, but with so many different materials, weights, colors, and sizes to choose from—not to mention the different yarns and blends—finding your go-to towel may be overwhelming. But don’t throw in the towel (so to speak)—our Towel Buying Guide will show you how to choose the best towels. Whether you choose Turkish or Egyptian cotton, organic or Supima® cotton, Micro Cotton® or TENCEL Lyocell— you can wrap yourself in comfort after every shower and bath.

What's Inside Our Guide

Towel Guide

Choose Towels for

Feel, Function, and Fashion


Thick, lush, and absorbent, lightweight and quick drying, ultra-fluffy and soft, easy on the environment—whatever your preference we have a towel that fits. When it comes to choosing the perfect towels, consider what you intend to use them for. Will these be everyday towels or more for decorative use? Are you looking for a towel to take to the beach or pool? In general, a towel that is denser with a bit of weight to it will be more durable and very absorbent, while a lightweight towel with a velvety texture will be soft and dry faster. However, all our towels are durable, super absorbent and will dry you off quickly.

When it comes to colorful towels, we’ve got you covered. Nobody has a better towel color selection than The Company Store. Our best-selling Company Cotton Towels come in a rainbow of vibrant and neutral colors. Play with some bold and bright patterns to give your bathroom a pop of color. Our collection lets you change the look seasonally or when the mood strikes you. We have a large assortment of pattern towels that coordinate with our solid color selections.

Towel Guide

Material Guide

Choosing the Best Bath Towel Material


Turkish Cotton

Grown exclusively in Turkey, premium, long-staple Turkish cotton provides a high level of comfort, absorbency, and durability. Our Turkish cotton towels will only become softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with every wash.

Supima® Cotton

Considered the cashmere of cotton, Supima®, is often grown in the warm, dry climate of the western southwestern United States, and is known for its rich, extra-long fibers prized for their strength and absorbency.

Egyptian Cotton

Grown in Egypt's warm climate, Egyptian cotton is the world’s highest quality cotton. Its fine, extra-long fibers are about twice the length of typical cotton fibers, giving it incredible softness without sacrificing strength.

Organic Cotton

Certified to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), organic cotton towels are made from cotton grown without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

TENCEL Lyocell

TENCEL Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources—sustainably managed forests—and produce fabrics with great luster and a soft hand.

Micro Cotton®

Made from high-quality, extra-long staple cotton fibers that are meticulously woven by master weavers, Micro Cotton® towels are lighter, yet absorb at a higher rate than traditional ring-spun towels. Our Green Earth® Quick Dry Bath Towels by Micro Cotton® are manufactured using an eco-friendly process and mimic the softness of heavyweight towels, but dry faster due to their lighter mass and superior moisture-wicking abilities.

Rayon made from Bamboo and Cotton

Made from one of the world’s most sustainable resources, rayon from bamboo is moisture wicking, antibacterial, and odor resistant making it ideal for towels. Our towels have the silky feel and quick-drying benefits of rayon made from bamboo, combined with the fluff and softness of cotton.

Cotton and Wool

A touch of wool adds a luxurious element to our Cotton and Wool Bath Towel. Wool is naturally moisture wicking and blended with fluffy cotton it creates a soft and sumptuous luxury towel.

Towel Guide


Seeking Sustainable Towels?


The Company Store is committed to sustainability and happy to offer an extensive selection of organic and eco-friendly bath towels, rugs, robes, and even shower curtains. The organic cotton used in our products is sustainably grown without the use of harsh pesticides and other chemicals. Fabrics made from bamboo and TENCEL Lyocell are responsibly sourced and made from sustainable resources, while Green Earth® Quick Dry Bath Towels by Micro Cotton® Towels are manufactured using an eco-friendly process. Our organic and eco-friendly bath lines are good for you and the planet.

Towel Guide

Weight Guide

Choose Bath Towels Based on Weight


Fabric weight is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. This number refers to the density of the towel, with GSM varying between 400 to 900 for bath towels. The GSM typically indicates how absorbent the towel will be, with the heavier towels being the most absorbent.

400-500 GSM

These towels are lightweight and allow for quicker dry time.

Shop 400-500 gsm

500-650 GSM

Perfect for bath towels and guest towels, this is the ideal medium weight.

Shop 500-650 gsm

750-900 GSM

Considered the premium luxury weight, these towels will be denser, thicker, and more absorbent. Due to the premium weight, higher GSM towels may take a little longer to dry, but the plush softness combined with super absorbency make it more than worth the wait.

Shop 750-900 gsm
Towel Guide

Size Guide

Common Towel Sizes and Types


We offer towels and bath linens in a wide variety of sizes to fit your space, budget, and personal preference. Explore these common towel types, see the dimensions, and learn what each is used for most.


12 in. x 12 in. | 13 in. x 13 in. | 12 in. x 14 in.

This small square towel is used to wash your body or face rather than to dry off.

Most are sold in sets of 2.

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Tip Towel

11 in. x 18 in. | 12 in. x 18 in. | 14 in. x 20 in.

This towel is smaller than a hand towel and is used for drying hands.

Perfect for the powder room or a guest bathroom. Sold in sets of 2.

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Hand Towel

16 in. x 30 in. | 18 in. x 30 in. | 19 in. x 30 in.

This everyday towel gets plenty of usage drying hands after hand washing.

It is also great as a decorative accent.

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Bath Towel

30 in. x 54 in. | 30 in. x 56 in.

The essential, do-it-all towel used for drying your body or wrapping wet hair after a shower.

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Bath Sheet

35 in. x 68 in. | 39 in. x 68 in. | 40 in. x 68 in.

A bit more indulgent than a standard towel, this oversized towel is ideal for those who prefer more coverage after a shower or bath.

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Bath Mat

20 in. x 35 in. | 20 in. x 36 in. | 22 in. x 35 in.

Used to keep floor or bath rug dry when stepping out of the shower or tub.

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Towel Guide

Care Guide

How to Care for Your Towels


The best way to make your towels last is to take proper care of them. Always follow the care instructions that come with your towels. In addition, follow these tips for washing towels to ensure your towels stand the test of time.

  • Always wash your towels before using them to help set their color, improve absorbency, and reduce lint.
  • Wash like colors together.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners, which can deteriorate the towel fibers and reduce their absorbency.
  • Give your towels a shake when you take them out of the washer to fluff the terry loops that aid absorbency.
  • Don't iron terry towels; this will reduce absorbency.
  • Ensure that towels are dry when you remove them from the dryer. Even slightly damp towels can quickly mildew.
  • Avoid over drying; it can destroy the integrity of the individual cotton fibers.
  • Avoid contact with skin care products to help minimize towel spotting and bleaching.

How often should I wash my towels and bath linens?

Bath towels should be washed every three to four uses, while hand towels should be washed every two to three days. Bath mats should be washed weekly or every two weeks.

Common Bath Towel Terms to Know

Combed Cotton

Removing short fibers and impurities from harvested cotton, makes combed cotton extremely soft and strong. It is the highest quality cotton available and the only cotton used at The Company Store.


A dobby pattern is a design that contains simple geometric forms or motifs, made on a loom with a spherical harness control mechanism called a dobby head.


Jacquard fabric features a raised pattern that is woven onto the fabric. The jacquard loom allows for the weaving of hundreds of threads to create designs rather than printing them on the surface. Popular jacquard designs include damasks, florals, and geometrics.

ring spun

Ring-spun cotton is created by twisting and winding yarns simultaneously and continuously, enhancing the softness, smoothness, and durability of the fabric.


Woven or knitted with long loops of yarn, terry fabrics are soft, flexible, and absorbent. Terry is used to produce towels, robes, and apparel.



When you see "STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified" you know the source materials used have been tested and verified by an independent lab against a list of more than 350 harmful substances enabling you to make responsible decisions to keep you and your family safe

The strict Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures the organic quality of materials and the environmental and social responsibility of textiles, from harvesting through manufacturing.

TENCEL Lyocell is an eco-friendly lyocell fiber sourced from sustainable wood fibers, produced with minimal use of water and renewable natural materials.

Only the top 3% of all cotton grown in the USA earns the label of Supima®—superior pima. All Supima® is 100% American grown pima cotton, prized for its incredible softness, durability, and ability to absorb moisture and retain color.

Towel Guide


Kids Towels


Who says bath time can’t be fun? We offer a selection of absorbent character hooded towels for kids that will bring lots of giggles to bath time, or more playful times to the pool or beach. Woven of soft cotton, these towels do more than dry your child off, they take them on an adventure too—our kids’ towels turn bath time into playtime. They can pull up the hood embellished with 3D accents and whimsical additions to become any character. Let them choose what they love, from heroes and fairies to animals and adventurers. Towels measure 26 in. x 46 in.

Towel Guide


Bath Mats and Rugs


Don’t forget that finishing touch: a plush, absorbent bath mat or rug. Our bathroom rugs coordinate perfectly with our varied towel selection. Feel pampered every day when you step out of the shower onto one of our luxurious bath rugs, not to mention they’ll keep your bathroom floor dry.

Find matching solid colors or patterns that coordinate with our towel collection. See which of The Company Store’s bath collections include coordinating mats and rugs below.

Note: Some of our bath rugs have non-slip backing, but not all. Please see the individual product pages for details and to find out if a rug pad is recommended.

Company Cotton Towels

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Green Earth® Quick Dry Towels

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Towel Guide


Towel FAQs


When it comes to the right number of towels, the basic rule of thumb is to have three sets of towels: one set for the bathroom, one for the linen closet, and one for the laundry. A set usually consists of a bath towel or bath sheet depending, a hand towel, and a washcloth.

Towels that are too old don’t dry you thoroughly and could be home to unseen germs and bacteria. In general, experts advise replacing your towels every two years.

Bath sheets are like bath towels, only bigger. A standard bath towel is 27 in. x 52 in. while bath sheets are usually 35 in. x 60 in.

Many of our towels can be personalized with a monogram, which will be indicated on the individual Product Pages. We offer an array of thread colors, fonts, and monogram styles to choose from, allowing you to create a custom gift for yourself or someone you love. For more details about personalization, visit our Personalization Guide.

Yes, swatches can be ordered by calling 1-800-289-8508.

Avoid household cleansers, facial cleanser, and toothpaste that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy acids, or Hydrogen Peroxide. These can cause towels to change color or cause spotting or discoloration.

Grams per square meter is the weight of a fabric if you take a one meter by one-meter square piece and weigh it in grams. A towel with higher GSM will be denser and more absorbent than a towel with low GSM.

Bath mats are often thicker versions of your towel’s fabric and are used to absorb water and prevent slipping after your bath or shower. The bath mat is typically placed at the foot of the tub or shower. While bath rugs can also absorb water, their main purpose is as decor, to add style to your bathroom. Bath rugs can be placed anywhere in the bathroom—in front of the sink or toilet, by the tub, or even in the middle of the floor. Bath rugs are often plush and can be made of various fabrics.

We offer a varied selection of terry robes and wraps in a wide selection of fabrics. Some of our best sellers are crafted in lighter weight versions of the same fabrics as our towels including Turkish Cotton, Organic Cotton Terry, Egyptian Cotton, and Supima® Cotton.

Yes, we do offer towels that have been tested for color fastness and are perfect for the beach and pool.

The primary difference between Turkish and Egyptian cotton is where they are grown: The hot, dry climates in Turkey and Egypt are ideal for growing the long staple varieties that are considered the finest cottons in the world. Long staple cotton fabrics resist pilling, and are stronger and more durable than those made with short staple cotton. 

Towel Guide


Towel Reviews


Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

Soft Towels

I have been purchasing these towels for a long time. The colors are true, they are soft, fluffy, very absorbent towels and last. Purchased two monogrammed towels for twin granddaughters when they were about 4, and they still have them. Will purchase again when needed.

Nanaof6, Florida

Legends Hotel Regal Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

Super soft and absorbent

I've been searching for a brownish gray towel and came across the bark on this site. The color is perfect and compliment a modern bathroom very well. They are super soft and very absorbent and held their color through several washings.

Joey M, California

Legends Luxury Sterling Supima® Cotton Bath Towel

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

Top quality. Will definitely buy again.

Can't beat Supima Cotton towels. Used my last ones for 35 years and then passed them on to my daughter. These are a beautiful willow green, perfect for my bathroom makeover. Thick, plush: you would stay wet indefinitely, but they dry quickly. It's the magic of top quality cotton! Even if there were no sweepstakes possibilities, I would still be delighted to file this most favorable review.

Ruth, North Carolina

Green Earth® Quick Dry Towel by Micro Cotton® Bath Towel

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

Have had these for 12 years! Best towels

I bought 3 of the bath sheet size of these quick-dry towels for each of us: my husband, my baby(at the time) daughter, and me, around 12 years ago. They are almost the only towels we use regularly for showers and baths. The large size in most towels makes them heavy and hard to dry, but these are soft, absorbent, low-lint, light weight, easy to dry on the towel rack or in the dryer, and the weave keeps them from getting little picks/pulls in them from catching on my wedding ring! I can dry a whole load of these, 9 giant bath sheets and even some extra towels, on a light heat for a minimal time and they are done. That volume of regular towels has to go for extra time or just get the cycle turned on a second time at least in my dryer. And after 12 years of constant use the bindings on these are still going strong and the edges are not worn or "stringy" like old towels often get. They are finally starting to wear a little thin, though, which makes me want to replace them...with the same thing!

Janeen, Georgia

Legends Luxury Imperial Bath Towel

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

Super soft,thick, and absorbent!

I am so impressed with the quality of these towels. They are made of a luxurious and super soft cotton and wool blend. They easily absorb water without becoming too heavy or weighted down. They also dry very quickly. Additionally, after being washed the towels sill remained as soft and plush as they were prior to washing. I have purchased other high end towels, and after a few washes they show signs of wear and are no longer as thick and plush as they were when I purchased them. These towels are durable and long lasting. The light gray is a perfect neutral tone with a classic finished look. I will definitely be purchasing more when I need new towels!

DesertH7, Arizona