Five Tips to Keep Your Sheets from Slipping Off the Bed

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Five Tips to Keep Your Sheets from Slipping Off the Bed

Slipping, sliding, bunching sheets can reduce the quality of your sleep—so how do you keep your sheets from coming off? When making your bed, choosing the right size or style sheet and utilizing a textured surface on your mattress can reduce sliding—but there are other solutions, too. Prevent your sheets from shifting at night with these five tips to keep bedding in place.


Choose the Right Size Sheet for Your Bed

Choosing sheets to fit your bed is key to prevent sheets from slipping off your mattress at night. If a fitted sheet is oversized it will be too loose, making it more likely to bunch up or slide off the bed. Too small, and it will quickly pop back off, if you even manage to get it in place at all. Mattress size is usually printed on the mattress label for your convenience, but if the tag has been removed or is worn, grab a tape measure to get conclusive dimensions, then reference our sheet guide for sizing charts.


Use Deep Pocket Sheets

Our deep pocket fitted sheets are constructed with a gusseted insert to fit mattresses that are between 16 to 20 inches deep

Deep pocket fitted sheets offer a better fit for pillow-top mattresses or if you use a mattress pad or topper. Deep pocket sheets from The Company Store are four inches taller than traditional sheet sizes to account for the added height of these comfort enhancers. Using deep pocket sizes helps your bedding stay securely in place all night long—no slipping or popping off the mattress.


Add a Mattress Protector for Extra Grip

Add a Mattress Protector for Extra Grip

A mattress protector can do more than just keep your mattress in good shape, it can also prevent your bed sheets from slipping. Mattress protectors often have a coarse or textured surface, which adds extra grip to keep fitted sheets appropriately positioned.


Pair Flannel with Sateen to Keep Sheets from Slipping

Our sateen sheets are exceptionally smooth and silky soft for a truly lavish sleeping experience—but, they may slide a bit more than other fabrics. Adding a textured flannel sheet below the sateen can reduce the amount of movement of your bedding. This trick works for other materials, too: layer a flannel fitted sheet under a satin sheet set to keep satin sheets from slipping. Learn more about how material choice can affect your sleep in our guide to choosing the best bed sheet fabric.


Apply Non-Slip Rug Corners to Mattress Edges

Add stability to your bedding in an unconventional—but effective—way with the non-slip grips intended to keep rugs in place. Simply position the grippy pads at the corners of your bed before putting on the first layer of bedding, this will add friction to keep your fitted sheet from slipping off the mattress while you sleep.

If the corners of your sheets are constantly coming loose or shifting, it’s difficult to get a good night's rest. Follow these five tips to stop sheets from slipping so you can sleep peacefully. Discover more bedding tips and tricks in our Inspiration Guide.