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Benefits of a Down or Down Alternative Comforter

A comforter is a favorite bedding piece that is usually used as a topmost layer or paired with a quilt or coverlet for additional warmth. Lofty down and down alternative comforters offer plenty of perks. We’ve rounded up the top five benefits of down and down alternative comforters.

What are comforters used for? Comforters are an excellent option for warmth, but they’re also a perfect opportunity to add color or pattern to the bedroom. Your bed takes up a lot of space and you can bring personality into your decor by choosing a comforter that suits your unique style.

Do you lean toward the classics like plaids or stripes? Do florals and paisleys have your heart? Do you prefer whimsical designs or bold geometrics? Mix and match your comforter, sheets, and other bedding to create a space that’s all your own.

A comforter is the perfect finishing touch A comforter is the perfect finishing touch

Quick Tip: If you like to change your bedding seasonally or even more often, a duvet cover will dress up a solid color comforter or duvet insert—and make laundry day easier. For people who prefer a year-round look, a patterned or solid comforter is a statement-making bedding piece that can play off of your decor, no cover required.

Down and down alternative fill trap pockets of air for impressive warmth, but also wick away moisture and allow airflow, so you don’t wake up sweaty. Choose a comforter with a cotton shell—we offer percale, sateen, cambric, and organic cotton—for the ultimate breathability. Other options, such as rayon made from bamboo or TENCEL™ Lyocell blends, also promise moisture-wicking and breathable performance, with a soft, smooth-to-the-touch feel.

To choose a breathable comforter shell material, start here:

  • Warm sleepers often prefer the cooling comfort of crisp percale or a lower thread count shell.
  • Jersey knit, flannel, cotton cambric, and sateen are cool weather favorites.
  • Breathable TENCEL™ Lyocell, bamboo, and high-quality organic cotton wick away moisture and help regulate temperature year-round.
Comforters offer breathability Comforters offer breathability

Comforters are filled with lofty down or down alternative fill, which creates a puffy, cloudlike layer that provides more warmth than a blanket or quilt, with less weight. The down clusters or synthetic down-free fibers intertwine to trap air and form pockets of warmth for a lightweight bedding option that chases away the chill.

To choose the right warmth level, consider:

  • Room temperature: If you sleep with the thermostat low, you may need an Extra or Ultra Warm comforter. If you bump the heat up or live in a warmer climate, a light to medium warmth level will likely be plenty. Dual-weight comforters are perfect for partners with different warmth preferences—can your blanket do that?
  • Preferred weight: Do you sleep better with a little extra weight piled on? Either choose a comforter with a lower warmth rating and pair it with blankets and coverlets, or choose a warm comforter with a lower fill power for a little extra weight.
  • Seasonal vs. Year-Round Use: If you’re planning to use one comforter year-round, consider a lower warmth level layered with other bedding in cool weather. Or choose a lightweight comforter for summer and an extra warm one for winter.

Most of our down and down alternative comforters are machine washable and can be tumble-dried. While sheets should be washed weekly, comforters don’t need to be laundered as often. Two to three times per year is the general recommendation—more is okay, if necessary, but the more often you wash it the faster the fill will break down.

If you share the bed with pets or spend extra time in bed reading or watching television, consider a duvet cover or protective comforter cover to shield your bedding against dirt, debris, and staining. The cover can be washed or swapped as needed, keeping your comforter cleaner, longer.

Machine-washable comforters make laundry simple Machine-washable comforters make laundry simple

While sheets and blankets may last only five years, a quality comforter is built to last. This is no short-lived bedding piece—our comforters are constructed with long-lasting down or down alternative fill, a high-quality shell, and durable stitching to ensure fill remains where it belongs. With proper care, a quality-crafted down comforter can last up to 20 years—that’s a lot of cozy nights.

Comforters offer a range of benefits for warm sleepers, cold sleepers, and anyone in-between. Layer a lightweight comforter for a seasons-spanning option, or choose one filled specifically for summer temperatures or cold winter nights. For more tips and tricks for choosing the best bedding pieces, visit our Tips & Ideas page.