How to Put on a Bed Skirt

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Bed skirt on bed

A bed skirt creates a streamlined look from mattress to floor, disguising the box spring and hiding any under-bed storage. Once you’ve chosen a bed skirt, follow these easy steps for putting it on the bed—and explore our top tips for how to keep your bed skirt from slipping or bunching.

Where Does a Bed Skirt Go?

A bed skirt tucks between the mattress and box spring, or beneath the mattress on a platform-style bed without a box spring. There are a few ways to put on a bed skirt, depending on what type of bed or bed frame you have and what style of bed skirt you choose.

Putting On a Traditional Bed Skirt

A traditional bed skirt is designed like an oversized flat sheet, with the decorative, visible part sewn to the sides and bottom of a plain length of fabric.

white traditional bed skirt

The easiest way to install this type of bed skirt is to:


Remove the mattress and set it aside.


Unfold and center the bed skirt on the box spring or bed frame, smoothing out any wrinkles.


Tack the bed skirt in place using upholstery pins, if necessary.


Replace the mattress and adjust the skirt so it drapes evenly.


If you are using a split corner bed skirt on a bed with a footboard, arrange the corner slits around the bedposts and adjust.

You can also install a bed skirt without taking off the mattress: starting at the foot of the bed, slide the top edge of the bed skirt beneath the mattress. Little by little, pull the bed skirt up toward the headboard, switching sides of the mattress as you go to keep it even. After the bed skirt reaches the headboard, adjust the drape all the way around the bed for an even length and consistent pleats, tucks, or ruffles.

Attaching a Wrap-Around Bed Skirt

Also called a panel bed skirt, a wrap-around style bed skirt comes as one long piece or three separate sections that are aligned, tucked beneath the mattress, and attached to the box spring with pins designed for use with bed skirts.

To attach a wrap-around bed skirt, first identify the two long side panels and the one short end panel. Then, slide the top edge of the side panels beneath the mattress and pin in place, leaving your desired drape. Insert and pin the final panel at the foot of the bed, tucking and folding all of the panel edges to create neat creases.

Wrap-around also refers to a one-piece, elastic-edged bed skirt that grips the box spring to hold it in place. This style slips over the box spring—like a skirt—and may require special pins to prevent slipping.

Using a Detachable Bed Skirt

Designed to make swapping a bed skirt easier, a detachable bed skirt fastens to the box spring via a hook-and-loop strip. Many detachable bed skirts come with a base, which looks similar to a fitted sheet but includes a hook-and-loop strip around the border. The corresponding bed skirt includes a complementary hook-and-loop strip on the inside, top edge, allowing for easy fastening.

detachable bed skirt

To put on a detachable bed skirt:


Remove the mattress and slide the fitted bed skirt base over the box spring.


Replace the mattress on top of the box spring.


Beginning with the long edges, line up the fasteners on the detachable panels along the hook-and-loop edge of the box spring base.


Then, take the shorter panel and attach it to the hook-and-loop strip at the foot of the bed, tucking and adjusting the side panels as needed to create a flush, clean finish.


When it’s time to change bedding, simply remove the bed skirt panels and leave the base in place.

How to Keep a Bed Skirt in Place

If your bed skirt slips, provide a bit of extra traction by placing a fitted sheet or a box spring protector on the box spring, then place the bed skirt on top. You can also place non-slip pads or felt furniture pads in the corners and edges of the box spring to provide a bit more grip. If all else fails, tack the bed skirt to the box spring using upholstery pins around the edge.

Put on a bed skirt following these easy steps, then step back to admire how polished your space looks. It’s a simple solution for a streamlined appearance. For more bedding tips and tricks, explore our Inspiration Guide.